The Wine Mosaic association will be hosting a unique tasting during the 2014 DWCC in Montreux (Switzerland) on Saturday November 1, 9.30 – 10.45 am, presenting a series of projects that illustrate how wine producers from six countries have rallied to the cause of preserving their local grape varieties.

The preservation of original grape varieties has become a major challenge for the wine
world: the reclaiming of viticultural history and varieties that are perfectly suited to certain soils, terroirs and evolving climates requires markets that demand original, different types of wine.

The six projects are:

• José Vouillamoz and Josef-Marie Chanton (Switzerland) and white variety Gwäss
(Gouais blanc)

• Joe-Assaad Touma (Lebanon) and white variety Obeidy

• Kosta Botunjac (Serbia) and white variety Jagoda

• Nicolas Gonin, Thomas Finot and Laurent Fondimar (France) and red varieties
Persan and Etraire de la Dhuy, and white variety Verdesse

• Zorik Gahribian (Armenia) and red variety Areni

• Zeynep Arca Salliel and Mustafa Chamlija (Turkey) and red variety Papaskarasi

Each project will be the subject of a presentation followed by a tasting of the wine in

These “Talk and Taste” sessions are designed to enable the winegrowers to create
partnerships with bloggers, who will become ambassadors for an original grape variety.
The bloggers will receive exclusive updates about the project with which they are
associated, enabling them to play a role in the communications around a specific variety.
Short videos presenting each project can be seen here:



Press contact:

Louise Hurren +33 6 17 66 02 53
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Twitter: @WineMosaic

Notes for editors

About Wine Mosaic

Created in 2012 by three French founders (Jean-Luc Etievent, Fanny Basteau and Arnaud
Daphy), Wine Mosaic encourages vinodiversity, and the preservation and promotion of
original Mediterranean grape varieties, by focusing on two key areas:

• Production (highlighting original grape varieties, developing practical measures to
ensure their preservation, and increasing the production of quality wines made from
these varieties)

• Consumption (raising the awareness and consumption of wines made from original
grape varieties).

Wine Mosaic brings together all members of the wine sector (including researchers,
ampelographers, wine producers, nurserymen, importers and distributors, sommeliers
and restaurateurs, as well as journalists and consumers) in one movement, to gather and
exchange information.

The association has the support of France’s IHEV (l’Institut des Hautes Etudes de la Vigne
et du Vin and leading members of the wine sector, including Jancis
Robinson MW, who states: “As a co-author of Wine Grapes, I’m delighted that Wine
Mosaic is being so proactive in encouraging wine producers to rediscover old varieties and
their history, and in promoting biodiversity in the vineyard.”